Chasse au trésor les pieds dans l'eau

Waterfront treasure hunt

This week, the Naïf team put on their beach shoes and went for a walk in search of shells and hidden treasures.

Walk with your feet in the water, sand castles and ricochets; we had the most beautiful day!
And when we got back, just before sunset, we noticed it: covered in starfish and half buried, a little wooden chest.

The contents of this mysterious chest: our pretty linen knit striped sweaters, Wilo and Freddie!

And as we really want to please you, we are offering you the chance to add one of these two pieces to your summer outfit AND to offer the other to the person of your choice.

See you on April 19 on our instagram to try to win the loot!


Psst: if you can't wait, you can also order Wilo and Freddie on our webshop ;)
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