Hello soleil !

Hello sun!

Spring is finally here ! Everyone in the sun!

The temptation is strong to put the parka back in the closet and go out in a skirt, legs in the wind, but we didn't quite plan to celebrate spring by falling ill.
So yes, we take out a little spring dress, but we don't forget to finish our outfit by wrapping ourselves in a big cardigan !

Now that the outfit is ready, let's get to the itinerary:

First stop at the Méchant Pinsons café before heading to the Jean Talon market to find the most beautiful bouquet of tulips. A short detour to the Ex-voto boutique to unearth a colorful vase, and finally a picnic in Parc Lafontaine until the last ray of sunshine.


And you, what have you planned to mark this beginning of spring? A day strolling around the city, or an excursion in the heart of nature?

Share your most beautiful spring looks on instagram with the hashtag naifstyle ;)
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