ODEYALO Clothing

Odeyalo team

Marie-Eve Proulx has worked as the head designer for large Montreal-based fashion companies for the last 13 years before co-founding Odeyalo. She has traveled over the world to oversee quality of development and production for her previous jobs, and is bringing a creative vision and professionalism to our small, locally-made company. Her zest of life and her determination make her a remarkable entrepreneur who manages to combine minimalism, comfort and innovation in her creations!

Co-founder of Odeyalo, Yana Gorbulsky also has a line of kids clothingand has been working as a full-time self employed designer for the last twelve years. This summer Yana has decided to focus fully on her company SUPAYANA and therefore, is no longer part of the team, but still advises us a lot. Who knows, maybe a future collaboration will emerge ;)

Vanessa Girard is a graduate of the Montreal Fashion School in Fashion Marketing. She has had the chance to work with several local companies in the field of marketing and social networking. She is currently behind the content creation and management of this beautiful community that is Odeyalo. Vanessa is bubbly and creative, always ready to get involved and embark on new adventures.

Teodora Yordanova is a student in Industrial Fashion Management. We noticed her exceptional talent during her internship at Odeyalo and since then, we welcomed her with open arms in our studio. She is in charge of planning and managing the production and ensuring that each garment is perfectly made. Her attention to detail, her professionalism and her constant positive attitude add the spark that completes our team.

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